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The XARB Token was created as a "Utility Token", aiming to enable a cryptocurrency trading platform in what we call the "win-win" model, that is, it will only execute operations with the certainty of the gain. It took a few years of research and simulations so that we could arrive at a winning model. Now, it's time for development. A team of highly qualified professionals will do the job.

All Xtrader Softwares customers and users of the XTrader Arb platform will have to make payments to use the service, exclusively with the XARB Token. There is no other option.

The project also provides liquidity for the Token since its inception through all XTrader products, that is, when purchasing the XARB Token, if for some reason you need to sell them, you can count on consistent purchase orders on the exchanges where we are. listed. In total, 50% of all BTCs collected from the initial sales of the token will go to XTrader Softwares accounts in the financial market, aiming at the direct and unlimited generation of liquidity for the XARB Token.

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Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Why should I own the XARB Token?

Our Token is the only means of payment for products and services offered by XTrader Softwares. In the case of the XTrader Arb platform, as it is a win-win product, everyone who wishes to use the product must purchase from the token, generating enormous potential for appreciation.

Is XARB Token an investment?

No. XARB is a utility token used to purchase products and services within the XTrader Softwares ecosystem. Due to its great potential for appreciation, there are great chances of bringing extraordinary financial benefits to holders.

What is XTrader Arb?

XTrader Arb is an arbitration platform that operates in equal pairs (interexchanges), triangular, quadrangular and pentagonal (intraexchange). Carefully read our explanatory PDF and the Token White Paper (link).

Where can I buy XARB?

As we are owners of NFXTrade (www.nfxtrade.com), we decided to market it exclusively within our own exchange at first. We are studying the listing of the token on some other renowned exchanges in the market.

To access the XTrader Arb platform, do I need XARB?

Yes. XARB is the only way to contract the platform services, as well as the other services of XTrader Softwares.

Will XARB appreciate?

The market rules the price. However, given the usefulness offered by the token, the global advertising campaign to the crypt communities and the potential demand for the XTrader Arb service, valuation should be inevitable.

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